Welcome to the Distance Education Blackboard Orientation at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College!

Are you ready for online learning? Is online learning the right choice for you? This orientation will help you answer these questions! However, please do not confuse this orientation with the college orientation for new students.

New Student Orientation

New students and students who are returning to Wiregrass Georgia Technical College after an absence of at least two years are required to complete an orientation for new students. The New Student Orientation explains general college information, important policies and procedures, and resources. Students are given information needed to access the Student Handbook and other documents that contain all the rules, regulations, and general information with which students should become familiar. Online students follow the same college policies and have access to all college resources such as library and tutoring services. Therefore, it is very important for all new students to attend the New Student Orientation; check the Wiregrass campus closest to you for dates and time. It is equally important for online students and students using Blackboard to complete the Distance Education Blackboard Orientation.

Distance Education Blackboard Orientation

The Distance Education Blackboard Orientation will highlight some of the challenges of online learning and provide resources to be successful in the online environment. In addition, information and tutorials for Blackboard Learn, Wiregrass's learning management system, will be explained. Students will engage with interactive quizzes and learning activities to practice skills and knowledge. Be sure to complete these Knowledge Check sections. They will prepare you for the final assessment. Students will complete a final assessment at the end of this orientation. Upon successful completion of the assessment (85% or above), your score will be submitted to your student account and posted to your history. Online students are required to complete the Distance Education Blackboard Orientation Assessment only ONCE; therefore, students do not have to complete each semester. However, the orientation is always available if you wish to review any of the topics. Any student may complete the orientation. Mandatory completion for students not enrolled in online courses is based on instructor discretion.

To navigate in this orientation, you will use the Next and Previous Page buttons at the bottom. You can also use the links located "On This Page" side bar to navigate to specific sections on the page. It is best to go in sequential order, but you may jump from page to page using the page numbers across the top. Also, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of each page to ensure you have read all the information and to complete the Knowledge Check sections.

Distance Education Personnel

Distance Education Personnel are here to help you succeed. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone in our Distance Education offices. When emailing or leaving a voice mail message, always include your full name, 900 student ID number, and details such as course name, issues you are experiencing with specific assignment and/or test, etc. Distance Education personnel specialize in technical support for your Blackboard classes, but students should also include their instructor in all course related communication. The instructor should be the first point of contact for non-technical questions. Students may contact the following persons in the Distance Education offices:

Sabrina Cox - Ben Hill-Irwin Campus: Irwin Hall, Office 8102C and Coffee Campus: Coffee Hall, Office 145; Phone 229-468-2022

Sally Dorminey - Valdosta Campus: Lowndes Hall, Suite 7131; Phone 229-245-2462

Jordan Weber - Valdosta Campus: Lowndes Hall, Suite 7131; Phone 229-245-6554

Email: online@wiregrass.edu (The preferred method of communication especially nights and weekends.)

As you complete this orientation, you are encouraged to contact someone in the distance education office for any questions or for more details on any aspect of the orientation. So, let's get started!

Knowledge Check

Test your knowledge!